Ms. Blanca

About Ms Blanca

Little Xavier Company was founded with the goal of introducing Spanish as a second language to preschoolers.

The company has 10 years of experience working in 12 private schools in the San Antonio, Texas area.

In order to be updated every year new material is especially designed for the curriculum which has outstanding results. Games, music, flashcards, software, DVD's and more are part of this very dynamic program.

Mrs. Blanca Castro is the director and founder of "Little Xavier Company", born in Monterrey, Mexico, holds a certificate in "Child Day Care" and experience in Graphic Design.

"Little Xavier Company" continues developing educational material to publish and distribute in the US and worldwide market.

Mrs. Castro is the author, composer, director and producer of "Spanish & English Sing and Learn Vol1. and Vol. 2" musical CD's and "Spanish & English La Fiesta" a bilingual class on DVD, products received an award endorsement by the "Kids First Organization Coalition For Quality Children's Media". Songs are distributed by i-tunes with sales all over the world.

Mrs. Castro has been invited as a special guest for the "teacher week appreciation" event held in several of the local Barnes & Noble stores, also live events have been performed in the Austin and Houston, TX stores.

The Botanical Garden extended an invitation to perform as a special guest with Dora and Diego Nickelodeon characters in the Adventure Exhibit.

Little Xavier Company became a member of one of the largest educational associations the "National School Supply and Equipment Association" (NSSEA)

Ms Blanca Castro states that working with children is a blessing! In all this years I learned a lot from children and still do every day. My strong belief is that when kids have fun they learn the best.

"When you laugh you remember, when you play you remember, and when you sing you remember. Therefore fun laughs, music, and love are the most important things in a child's learning curve in life…so, let's play, sing and learn!" Ms Blanca.
Ms. Blanca

Some Testimonials & Reviews

Old Schoolhouse Magazine

From The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

La Fiesta! is a bilingual educational DVD aimed at teaching Spanish to preschool children. It is intended for ages 3 and up. The DVD features Ms. Blanca Castro, a native Spanish speaker born in Monterrey, Mexico.

Read more from the website.
Old Schoolhouse Magazine

From The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

This CD contains songs in English and Spanish for children of all ages, from preschool on up, to help them learn some Spanish. The songs are a wonderful mix of the two languages, and they help the child put the Spanish and the English together in their minds. There are ten songs on this CD covering greetings ("Hello, Friends"), numbers, colors, days, greetings (an additional greetings song), opposites, Christmas, animals, and time.

Read more from the website.
White House

From the White House

We would like to extend our deepest thanks and appreciation for your generous gift.

It is gratifying to know that we have your support. As we work to address the great challenges of our time. we hope you will continue to stay active and involved.

Again, thank you for your kind gift.

Barack & Michelle Obama.
White House

From Barnes & Noble

Blanca, It was great seeing you again and I want to thank you for the fantastic performance you did to kick off our Hola Mondays.

I hope you will have a wonderful summer in Cancun and I look forward to working with you again in September

Best Sasha
Barnes & Noble
White House

From William

Dear Mrs. Blanca :

Thank you very much for being such a fabulous teacher, I had so much fun learning Spanish with you. I hope to see you in the summer and next year.

With love,

White House

From Michael

Saying "thanks" and thinking too, How very nice it was of you.

White House

From Rosana

Thank you very much for the photoholders, they are perfect for my favorite wedding pictures. I love your program, children enjoy you and Spanish so much. Thank you for all you do it's great


White House

From McKay Family

Gracias! Maddie has loved your class.

Maddie's Mom.
White House

From Rosana Gutierrez

Thank you very much for all you have helped in teaching Nico. He has learned so much from you and he has enjoy your class.

Thank you.

Rosana Gutierrez.
White House

From Michelle

hank you very much for the picture frame. I hope you had a great holiday, you are an excelent teacher.

God bless.

White House

From Analisa


White House

From Jennifer

We are so impressed with Zach's Spanish developement. Thank you for your hard work and dedication throughout the year.

White House

From Benja

Thank you for all your work this year, really enjoy Spanish class.