Spanish & English Sing And Learn Vol.II
Children love "Spanish & English Sing and Learn" Vol II as much as they love Spanish & English Sing And Learn Vol I; children learn vocabulary while they sing and dance. The album start with the "Meses/ Months" song and ends with "Adios Amigos/ Goodbye Friends", "Mi Cuerpo/ My Body" will make children recognize body parts while they follow the notes and rhythm of the song, "A Dormir/ Go To Sleep" works to make you feel sleepy and dream. "Palabras De Amor/ Love Words" a romantic educational song. "Feliz Cumpleaños/ Happy Birthday" a new happier version song to celebrate a birthday. "Helados/ Ice Cream" will let you learn your favorite and many ice cream flavors, it also contains the "ABC/ ABC", "Me Llamo/ My Name Is" and the story of "La Familia De Los Pollitos/ The Chicks Family". This CD is a must not just to learn Spanish and English words and sentences but to have fun and make children's imagination fly.

Includes: 10 bilingual songs, Spanish & English lyrics and 10 sing along instrumentals.

Format: CD

Price $18.99


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